Old paving stones

Our antique paving stones come from salvage lots. They can be old roads that were once paved, transformed castle yards. All of our recovered paving stones are old. They are then cleaned and can be packaged in Big Bags. Most of the time, our customers use them to pave a driveway or to create a paved courtyard. We take care of the delivery of your paving stones all over the world. When sending us your requests, just tell us the place of delivery. The idea that paving stones are a thing of the past is increasingly abandoned. They resist all fashions, decorate centuries and will continue to do so. Whether you choose granite, limestone or sandstone, you're choosing a stone that won't wear out. The nuances of shape and color accentuate their natural beauty and allow each achievement to be a true work of art. If you too wish to renovate a roadway, a public space or decorate your property, we offer a wide range of antique paving stones, curbs and paving. Thus stored in the quarry, tons of natural stone products await their new life to embellish your public and private spaces.